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GSA Application Guidelines

We want the application process to be as easy as possible for you. We are here to help you every step of the way and want to let you know everything you will need in order to process your application quickly.

  1. GSA Interview: You will have an initial interview with a member of our team. This interview is to assess your English-language level, get to know you, and understand how GSA can play a significant part in helping you achieve your goals! If it is determined that you are eligible to apply to our partner schools, a representative will work with you to schedule interviews with the chosen schools. If, however, it is determined that further language study is necessary in order to be considered, a GSA representative will assist you with exploring options for study in the U.S. to better prepare you for high school placement.
  1. School Selection: GSA has schools across the United States and in other countries, and we will assist you in selecting schools that meet your needs and interests.
  1. School Interviews: Once the schools are chosen, a member of our team will set up an interview with you and a school official at each school you are interested in applying to. This will most likely take place using Skype or another video-chat program.
  1. Acceptance: Once you have been accepted to a school, our U.S. representatives will work with you and the school to process your application, including the I-20 and a letter of acceptance from the school.
  1. I-20: The school that you have been accepted to will issue your I-20 and acceptance letter. GSA will review your I-20 before it is sent to you to ensure the information is correct. An I-20 is received generally 2-6 weeks following acceptance, including mailing.
  1. Visa Interview: Once you have received a scanned version of your I-20 via email, you can book your appointment with the consulate or embassy in China. You will need the signed original of your I-20 for the actual interview. A GSA representative in China will help prepare you for your interview. Once you have passed the interview, you can book your flight to the U.S. and start packing! You will need to notify us of your arrival date so we can be sure to communicate that to your school and host family.
  1. Accommodations in the U.S.: If you are attending a boarding school, the school will make your arrangements. Otherwise, a GSA representative in the U.S. will work with you to select a host family that meets your needs and is close to the school. All host families go through a strict screening process requiring a background check and home visit from a GSA representative before placement. Additionally, host families must attend an orientation before your arrival to ensure they understand the expectations of being a host family with GSA.
  1. Arrival: A representative from GSA, your host family, or school (if you are at a boarding school) will welcome you at the airport and take you to your new home in the U.S.!
  1. Payment: A deposit is required within a week of receiving your official school acceptance letter. Full payment is due within one week of visa obtainment, and prior to your arrival in the U.S.



GSA Application Checklist

These are the documents we will need in order to facilitate your application. All forms need to be completed and submitted prior to your arrival.

Documents required for initial screening and school interviews:

  1. Copy of Passport

  2. School Transcripts

  3. TOEFL or other English Proficiency Test Score, if available

  4. English Teacher Recommendation

  5. Math Teacher Recommendation

Documents required following acceptance:

  1. Foreign Study Agreement

  2. Medical Treatment Authorization Form

  3. Medical Form *

  4. Bank Statement/Certificate of Deposit 

  5. Consent Letter for Minor/Student Traveling Abroad

  6. Copy of F-1 Visa

  * In addition to the Medical Form, students are required to bring their immunization booklets with them to the U.S. or Canada



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